No Autographs, please.


Strolling around Central Park.

Strolling around Central Park.

(A side note about the above picture)

Apparently, if you’re a thorough-bred Western Caucasian American, you qualify as a borderline B-List celebrity in Taiwan.

J and I found this out when two perky Taiwanese co-eds bashfully ran up to us after this picture and asked for what we thought was for us to take a picture of them. Together. Sans J and I.

However, upon further giddy jumping up and down and shrill giggling (on their part, not ours), we soon realized they wanted a picture with us. So, each girl took her turn in the spotlight, basking in her big moment standing in between us, boasting peace-signs and big smiles.  (Again, on their part, not ours. Mine was a look more of alarmed yet flattered perplexity, and less of a grin.) Then the girls squealed, waved goodbye and bounced off back down the road, comparing their prized photographs with one another as they went. 

Obviously, we are well on our way to international superstardom now. Remember our names- you’ll read about us someday (though you might have to be fluent in Chinese to recognize it).


2 thoughts on “No Autographs, please.

  1. I had a similar experience, although it was on a near-vacant subway somewhere underneath Brooklyn with a gentleman named Bruno. He never smiled, or giggled, or boasted a peace sign, and he didn’t ‘bounce’ off the subway.

    I don’t really want to talk about it.

  2. Hayley,

    I love your writing style. You should think about Journalism or something. 🙂

    I don’t know if it’s merely a Taiwanese thing. If I saw you and Jill standing outside on a cold day (or even a cool day), I would put on all my bells and whistles, march over to you, and use my best southern accent to ask you for a picture.

    Julsie Baby

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