A truly ravishing masterpiece.

I was in the presence of an artistic genius and I didn’t appreciate it until it was too late.

This mastermind, whom I know only as PeterCanWeDrawEachOther.Yahoo, chose me out of all the unworthy subjects riding along on the R Train with him, all of us unfit to even be in his presence.

I will admit, it was an uncomfortable 45 minute subway ride, having a man with unsettling googly-eyes and crazy brillo-pad hair shooting up in several different directions stare at you from across the aisle while rocking back and forth. But it was well worth it in the end after he presented me with the finished product. He told me I needed to be drawn “at least 25 more times,” and I told him “Thank You.” I’m not sure if that was the correct response. Then he asked for my e-mail address, and I gave him my parents’. (Sorry, Mom.)

He wrote all of his sentences in circular patterns, and he told me he invented business cards that were implanted in the bottom of champagne bottles. I didn’t really understand what these things meant.

Oh, and the reason he signed my portrait To Tracy was because I told him my name was Tracy.

If any one of you is interested in having your own work of art created, you can find Peter’s number below.

Apparently I have nubs instead of hands and fingers.

Apparently I have nubs instead of hands and fingers. Why didn't anybody tell me this sooner?


"Best Wishes In NY For Tracy" (notice the circle here)


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